Large Living Nature Naturli Highland Cow With Noise -30cm

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Meet this shaggy highland cow from Living Nature, an enchanting plush toy with superb detail.

The majestic cow is best known for living in the Scottish Highland and is affectionately known as a ‘hairy coo’.

He has an adorable ginger fluffy coat, with a long mop of hair on his head set between 2 long beige horns, each with dark airbrush tips. This large cuddly cow features a soft brown nose complete with detailed mouth and nostrils. He has beady eyes hiding in amongst his gorgeous soft fur, beige hooves and a little fluffy tail. He even ‘moo’s’ when you press his hoof!

This highland cow comes with a Info tag about your animal's behaviour, habitat, and diet  and a NATURLI tag which shows that it has been created using some recycled post-consumer PET plastic, which comes from used drinks bottles and other food containers.

Suitable for all ages

Care instructions: Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

Please remove all tags and attachments before giving to a child