Constructive Eating - Garden Fairy Plate

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Feed kids creatively! Who knew meal time could be so much fun!

The Fairy Garden Utensils & Plate by Constructive Eating are excellent for helping to encourage children to finish their meals by mixing eating time with a little constructive play.

Don’t want playtime in the garden to end? Food blossoms to life with the help of our garden fairy line. Our Garden Fairy Utensils and Plate are great for helping children develop fine motor skills and independence. Patented features on the plate work with the utensils to make navigating across a field of vegetables a breeze.

The Garden Plate’s patented design features a ramp that leads up to the spoon’s “trench” so kids can help the hoe push its way to better eating habits! The Garden Hoe Pusher  replaces a knife and helps children build their fine motor skills by learning how to push food onto their spoon. 

What little girl or boy wouldn’t love loading food onto their fork and spoon with the garden hoe just like Mum and Dad do in the garden!


1 Plate
Dishwasher Safe

BPA free and Lead free

No paints are used in this product
Made in USA